About us

The Western Counties Soccer Association is funded entirely by its’ membership through fees collected to provide the following member services.    At no time, does WCSA publicly fundraise for any purpose.


1.   WCSA provides third-party group insurance coverage to all of its member clubs, at reasonable cost, to cover soccer related injuries and expenses not covered by OHIP, to all players registered within our group.  As well, club executive, referees, coaches and volunteers are also covered, provided they too are registered with the Association.

NOTE: Coverage is provided by a Commercial Liability Insurance Policy covering bodily injury and property damage in the amount of $5,000,000. This is a group policy owned by the Western Counties S.A..  Only Registered members, in good standing, of the Western Counties Soccer Association are insured by this policy. Certain limitations and deductibles apply. This policy does not provide coverage for ANY wage loss due to injury.

2.   WCSA provides Basic Technical clinics to its' members for training new club Referees and Coaches, who serve under the jurisdiction of the club. These training clinics are the Basics only, and do not compare or equate to any Provincial training program.  Referees and Coaches seeking certification are encouraged to participate in a Provincial Level Clinic offered through NCCP, the OSA and their local District Association.

3.   WCSA organizes up to three Association sponsored tournaments annually, for registered youth players age 6 to 16.  These events are free to attend by WCSA registered member teams and held at various member locations.   They provide an opportunity for players to connect with teams outside of their areas that they might otherwise never get to meet and play, and to test their skills.

4.   In order to keep the FUN in soccer, WCSA recommends that players or teams exhibiting exceptional skill development be allowed and encouraged to advance to the competitive teams/divisions of the local OSA District Association.