WCSA membership is open to all recreational soccer organizations offering community soccer programs, across Southwestern Ontario.    There is no cost for a club or league to join the Western Counties Soccer Association (WCSA).     The only fees charged are player registration fees, to cover insurance and other services (see Benefits below) provided by WCSA.     All registered club executive, coaches, referees and volunteers are also covered under the group insurance plan, provided their current information is registered and on file with WCSA.     This association is supported solely by its' membership and receives no federal, provincial, municipal, public funding or donations of any type.    WCSA has not ever publicly fundraised at any time. 

Membership is voluntary and renewable annually, so that we can update our club contacts before the next season starts.     All members must agree to abide by the WCSA Constitution and its' Rules & Regulations.

Privacy statement:  WCSA does not distribute its' member information to third parties for any purpose and in particular, not for solicting of our members.       

To apply or review the Benefits of membership and to download the Membership Application and Club Survey, please connect to the links below.